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First call or email to discuss any repairs you require. Basic advice can be given over the phone; however, a full quote cannot be provided until an accordion is inspected. Once your required repairs have been discussed a time can be booked to drop off your accordion. Please be aware that there can be a lead time as the workshop is often very busy (I usually note the lead time at the bottom of the front page of this website). Once your accordion has been received a quote will be sent to you in writing before any work is commenced, making sure you are happy to proceed. There is no obligation to continue at this point.

Usual payment is via bank transfer. An invoice with the bank account details will be provided to you after your accordion is repaired.

Place a note with your name and contact details into your accordion case when dropping off or sending an accordion. Please do not drop off or send an accordion without first discussing your required repairs and checking the current lead time.

The usual turnaround time is one to two weeks for small jobs and up to a month for larger jobs.

There are two delivery options available:

Option One: Drop off your accordion in person 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday to the staff at MBE Camberwell (738 Burke Rd, Camberwell, Victoria) with the following label attached:

The Accordion Workshop

Guy Bellman

738 Burke Rd

Suite 1077

Camberwell, Vic, 3124

MBE Camberwell operate a secure drop off and collection point for The Accordion Workshop. After your accordion is repaired collection will be available from MBE Camberwell at a time that's convenient for you.

Please send a text message after your accordion has been dropped off so your accordion can be collected and assessed as soon as possible.

Option Two: Send your accordion via Australia Post to:

Guy Bellman

PO Box 8019,

Wattle Park, Vic, 3128

If you choose to post your accordion return postage will be added to the final invoice. Your accordion will be sent back to you in the same packaging using Australia Post. Be sure to pack your accordion with care as The Accordion Workshop can’t be held responsible for any damages acquired during transit. Please provide a tracking number after your accordion is sent.

See below for an accordion packing guide.



It is recommend that you do some of your own research before proceeding. There are many helpful videos online that can help you to decide how best to pack your accordion. The main goal is to protect the accordion from impact during transit. The piano/chromatic accordion bass mechanism is the most delicate section of the accordion and requires some extra attention.

The Accordion


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